Written by Van Hal Racing
January 7, 2022
Happy 2022

Happy 2022 to all our family, friends and fans of Van Hal Racing.

We wanted to take the opportunity to let you’s know what our plans are for 2022. We plan to continue with a 2 car team. The mini mod and the late model. Jess will be behind the wheel of the mini and Jordan will be back behind the wheel of the late model.

For the mini there won’t be any visible changes for the 2022 season. Only plans so far are to make some engine improvements to get a bit more zip under the hood.

For the Late Model we wanted to make a chassis manufacturer change so we have purchased a new to us car.

The late model will be keeping us busy this winter getting it ready for the 2022 season. Both late model motors will be getting complete refreshes, and a new body will be going on the car. 

Check back here periodically for updates on the progress of the engine and body builds.