Van Hal Racing’s Drivers

Van Hal racing has always been about family. The tradition continues as Jordan and Jess, brother and sister, represent the team out on the track. Together, they encourage and support each other to reach higher, and drive faster, as they master their machines.

Jordan Van Hal

Late Model #06

23-Year-old Jordan got his first taste of driving a race car when he was 15. He bought his sister’s daily driver and, along with his dad, built up a bomber car. From there, Jordan has driven Mini-Mods and transitioned to Late Models two years ago.

“From the time I was 14,” says Jordan, “I was either out in the driveway or the garage working. I went to work, got home, and then worked on the cars.”

Jess Van Hal

Mini-Mod #06

At 26 years old, Jess is still a rookie. For racing is about going fast, and right now it’s about going as fast as she can while she learns the car, the track, and how to let the pit crew know what she needs changed.

“Dad and Jordan are always watching. So sometimes they go ‘this is what we are changing.’ Ok, you change it. I’ll just drive it and see how it goes. I’m still learning.”

Going to the race track is a great way to have fun with the whole family. If you’re coming out to watch the races and have kids who would like to meet Jess and Jordan, send us a message through the contact button below.