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Van Hal Racing: Built on Family Values


At Van Hal Racing, it really is about family and friends.  Todd and Corrina Van Hal are the backbone of the team and also the proud parents of  Jordan and Jessica.  Todd, a former racer himself, has used his knowledge to help his son and daughter to improve their racecraft.  The goal is to see both of their kids become tough, but fair, competitors.

The racing team has also been instrumental in keeping the family close.  Based in Chatham, Ontario the shop is located right behind their house.  At just about any time in the racing season when they are not at the track, you can find someone from the family–and probably a friend or two–working on something that needs to be done for the next race.

Jordan was the first to follow in Todd’s footsteps, with Jess starting her driving duties a few years later. With two young drivers on the roster, Van Hal Racing is committed to developing racers that understand the time and expense of torn-up equipment.  They are expected to race hard and push themselves, but to do it in a way that respects the other racers around them.

The team also understands that to put a car out on a local track means that somewhere in the crowd, there is a kid who wants to be just like them.  From crew to drivers, the team hopes to demonstrate commitment, hard work and sportsmanship to any young fans in the stands.

In 2023, Van Hal Racing plans to continue to field Jordan in a Dirt Late Model and Jess in the dirt Mini-mod. Most weekends during the racing season you can find them racing at The Southern Ontario Motor Speedway, located in South Buxton, Ontario.


Join “Team Van Hal”

At Van Hal Racing we don’t have sponsors, we have partners.  We understand what it means to represent your company and strive to act as positive representatives of your business.

As partners, we also understand that this is a two-way street.  We realize your advertising and marketing budget has a limit and we will work with you to find ways that the team can help you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

For those others who would like to join “Team Val Hal” and show their support around town and around the track, we offer T-shirts and key chains.   We can even have the drivers sign some of the items if you think it will make your kid’s smile even bigger.

Hit the contact button below and send us an email to get the conversation started around partnership, or to inquire about team merchandise.


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