Van Hal Racing Partnerships

More than decals on cars

We’ve designed our partnership packages to be more than a decal on the cars.  You’ll have the opportunity to experience a racing team like never before. We want to share our love of this sport and memories that are made at the track. You will get a decal, but you’ll also get a customized package of experiences and deliverables with a tangible value for your support.

The late model sits, waiting for its turn on track.
Jordan sitting in the late model.

Your passion to ours

Your business is your passion. You spend countless hours with long days and nights to make it work. Customers, clients, friends and family all play a part in your success, too. At Van Hal racing we believe that there is a way to blend your passion with ours, and that’s through a partnership.

Find out what we can do for you

Partnership is a two way street. We will help you grow your business by providing experiences that entertain your customers and reward your employees. If you’re looking for something other than golf to get some unique face to face time with prospective clients, we can help you there, too.

Sound interesting? Contact us and let’s start a converstation. We’ve got a menu of options that will allow us to customize what we offer to better fit what you need.   Decals on the cars are just the beginning. Let us show you the possibilities that go far beyond that.

Todd fills the fuel tank on the late model
Team Van Hal gathered around the Late Model in the pits at SOMS

Join “Team Van Hal”

For us, racing is a passion. There’s nowhere else we would rather be on a summer weekend than at the race track. Family, Friends, and fun (along with a bit of dust and dirt) is why we do what we do.