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Buxton Speedway

At Van Hal Racing, we are blessed with one of the finest dirt tracks around. Located in South Buxton, Ontario, Buxton Speedway is a 3/8th mile high-banked clay oval.

Its long straights allow drivers to build speed and at 80 feet wide, there is plenty of room to race. The turns are banked at 20 degrees, which is steep.

Banked corners provide multiple racing lines when the action gets going. When the green flag drops and the engines roar to life, you’re sure to see plenty of action no matter where you look.

Buxton Speedway has been around for more than 50 years. The racetrack was built in 1971. It was a 3/8th mile track back then, too. But it had a distinctive “D” shape not found in many short tracks.

Over the years, like many tracks, it has changed ownership a few times.  For 2021, then-owner Henry Kroker unveiled a new look for the historic track.

South Buxton Race also known as "The Devil's D"

Image Courtesy of Pete Van Hal, Van Hal Productions

Big Changes come to Buxton Speedway

Henry had envisioned a wide-open, high-speed banked track. While many longtime fans were sad to see the old D shape go, Henry replaced it with a premier race track.

He also renamed it Southern Ontario Motor Speedway and gave it a facelift. Lighting was upgraded, along with the walls and safety fencing. A new grandstand was constructed as well.

In February of 2024, the track changed hands again. The new owners have a great facility to work with and an opportunity to build the track into something special. And they brought back the Buxton name.

As of 2024, the track looks to host five classes of cars.  A trip to Buxton Speedway will feature racing from Late Models, UMP Modifieds, Mini-Mods, Thunder Stocks and Mini-Stocks.

The new owners have also confirmed that sprint car racing will be returning to the region as well.

For more information, check out the Buxton Speedway website. This will keep you up-to-date on everything happening at the track.

Buxton Speedway is a track worth visiting. Put it on your list for this season.


Buxton Speedway aerial view at night

Image Courtesy of Dirt Dog Media